Call of Duty Mobile: Test Server Reveals A Hybrid Weapon Coming In Season 4

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Call of Duty Mobile’s test server is currently live and is testing content for the upcoming season. This includes all the upcoming new weapons and balance changes. However, in the next season, the update is going to be a bit large. From what it seems in the test server, there is a lot more than just new content coming to the game.

First off, there are two new weapons coming to the game. This is a tradition every season, and this season is no different. In Season 3 we received the PP-19 Bizon and the Renetti. Both the weapons were the Modern Warfare versions, and it seems we are getting more of these next season. Usually CoDM adds one weapon in the Battle Pass and another needs grinding.

The first weapon is the Holger-26 from Modern Warfare. It is an LMG, but because of Gunsmith, players can actually twist the weapon into an entirely different one. The Holger LMG sports a hundred round magazine which makes it a stable sit and shoot weapon. However, with the right build, players can turn the Holger in an AR. Just swap in place the MIP Light Barrel and 30-round magazine, and you have the G36C assault rifle. Players can also tweak the stability and the mobility, making it a whole new weapon altogether.

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One more marksman rifle is coming to Call of Duty Mobile

When we mentioned two weapons, we did not mean the Holger turning into the G36C. There is another weapon coming next season, and it is a marksman rifle. CoDM is really serious about filling up category fast but until now, none of the marksman rifles are any good in the game. Especially the last one that CoDM added, SPR, is probably the worst of the lot. This season CoDM is adding the MK2 Carbine from Modern Warfare.

The snipers are reportedly getting a nerf next season. Maybe this will cause a marksman rifle meta for the players who only like to kill in a single shot. This season we saw the release of a legendary character and that usually means a mythic weapon is coming next season. According to the test server, the Holger 26 will get a mythic variant in the game in Season 4.

What are your views on the upcoming weapon? Watch this space for more news on Call of Duty.

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