Fortnite Week 13 Challenges: Where and How To Talk to Joey, Sunny & Dreamflower

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Fortnite Season 7’s week 13 is upon us, and so are the new challenges. With the latest 17.50 update, Epic wants to tie all loose ends and is planning a grand conclusion.

Dr. Slone and the IO want to put an end to the alien invasion and regain control over Fortnite Island. This week, Marigold (the sister of Midas) wants players to assist her with finding the mole. The IO already knows about the connection between Joey, Sunny, and Dreamflower, and the aliens.

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Marigold believes that presenting them with the location of the IO’s headquarters on the Fortnite island will help. As these NPCs don’t engage with players (unless stimulated), Marigold has plotted a strategy. 

Fortnite Season 7: Where to find and talk to Joey, Sunny & Dreamflower

Marigold wants players to talk to any one of these NPC’s and share the information with them. This will serve as a lure and help the IO. As you can infer, this challenge is quite peaceful and involves zero violence. However, it should be noted that these NPCs can become antagonistic if the improper dialog option is used.

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With that out of the way, let us talk about where you can find these NPCs. Locating Joey, Sunny & Dreamflower is not tough. Players can find them at the below locations in Fortnite Season 7:

  • Joey – Dirty Docks
  • Sunny – Believer Beach
  • Dreamflower – Flopper Pond

Probably, the safest and simplest location a player should opt for is the Flopper Pond. This POI is rarely visited by other players and boosts a wide-open area. However, players should keep an out for enemies. The toughest of the lot will be Sunny. The Believer Beach POI has been the hotspot since the starting of Fortnite Season 7, and players will face a ton of opponents there. Completing this challenge will reward players with 30,000 XPs.

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What do you think is the toughest landing spot? Let us know in the comments.

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