Who is Alex Albon’s Pro Golfer Girlfriend – Lily Muni He?

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Alex Albon might make a return to the high speeds of F1. This means a certain golf pro on the paddocks would accompany him. The adorable couple isn’t too shy with their relationship online, often featuring on each other’s feeds. So who is the Red Bull reserve driver’s girlfriend?

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Meet Lily Muni He

Lily is a Chinese professional golfer who plays on the LPGA tour for the USA. Her father introduced her to golf at the age of 6 and the sport has fascinated her ever since. She started her amateur career in 2015.

Lily turned professional two years later. Having many achievements scattered through her amateur and pro career; more recently, Muni He won the eight-round LPGA Q-Series to secure her LPGA membership. Furthermore, Nike has signed endorsement deals with the golfer.

Alex Albon and Lily

Albon and He have been dating since 2019. In an interview with Red Bull, Albon mentioned how he tried golf and was bad at it; Lily tried karting and was just as hopeless.

Albon said, “I’m terrible at golf… I enjoy it, but I’m really bad and it’s frustrating for me because I don’t know what’s going wrong and how to fix it. And Lily says she can’t coach me, because I’m at a level that’s un-coachable.


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He also revealed his attempts of getting Lily into karting. “She’s not a great driver, I joke with her but she told me that when she was last in a golf buggy she hit every curb, and from just that information I know she’s not a great driver.”

The story of how they met is a little bizarre, to say the least. In 2019, Lily was in an awful place mentally and a friend recommended the Netflix show ‘Drive to Survive’ as a way to get her mind off what was bothering her. Inspired by the reliance of F1 drivers in the high-pressure sport, Lily got out of her slump. She had followed Abon on Instagram as a result of the show.


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At the same time, Alex had a growing interest in golf. He started watching YouTube videos and had recognized his new follower. Lily explained, “We started talking on the phone. We were both rookies in 2019 and I thought that was extremely cool.” Albon had landed in the US for an event and had taken the time off to meet Lily, and the rest is history. The small world of the internet, truly amazing.

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Nonetheless, the two have been extremely supportive of each other’s careers and have even tried their hand in the other sport. Lily had frequented the paddock when Albon raced for Red Bull, and Albon wakes up early to watch Lily’s games.

Now, Albon heads toward an uncertain 2022 season. He will surely remind himself of the ‘Drive to Survive’ strength that helped her through her rough patch.

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