Why Reading is More Painful than Stepping on a Lego

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First thing is when a character dies, especially when it’s a character that you like. I’m going to use this as an example……when Dobby dies in the Harry Potter series. That was something that was heartbreaking. Dobby was a character that was well liked, plus, we had more time to get invested in this character because we meet him in the second book in the series and he dies in the 7th and final book in the series. So, you have more time to get to know this character since they were in a series and not just a stand alone book.

Second is when you think a character dies but they make a comeback later on in the book or series. There is a specific trilogy that is a favorite of mine where something like this happened. One of the characters in the book (a good guy that I liked) had died only to find out later in the trilogy that they weren’t dead at all. It’s like, why did you make it seem like that character was dead when you weren’t really going to kill them off to begin with? I don’t know which is worse…..making use think a character is dead only to bring them back later or actually killing off that particular character.

Third is when you’re rooting for the good guys to win and then end up loosing instead. I hate getting all the way through a book or series only to find out that the good guys have lost to the bad guys. I don’t like seeing the bad guys win. I know that’s not how things work out in real life, but the good guys are suppose to always win in the fantasy worlds written in the books I have.

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